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Christine has over fifteen years experience with proven success in the temporary employment industry possessing a solid expertise in the staffing realm and has unmatched ability to grow the staffing business. Her deep knowledge of the staffing industry and sales talent to adapt to change in the marketplace has allowed her to capture market share in any territory.  Christine knows how to infuse energy and lay the foundation with a passionate desire to care about the needs of prospective clientele and eager candidates ready to work.  She has been developing staffing partnerships in a multitude of geographical areas and actively mapping out short and long-term strategic planning. With superior leadership during critical transition phases in a pre-recession and post- recession environment, she has persevered through the challenging economic climates.  As an accomplished professional in the staffing industry, Christine utilized the recruiting and human resource knowledge in creating Pettit Staffing.

“I have a passion to help job seekers find jobs and employers to find the right employee! It is very gratifying to see the smile of an employee with a new job or an employer relieved because they found someone to do well in their job openings. There is no greater gift than to serve others and, at the end of the day, to feel you served someone well. This makes me feel happy and blessed.”

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