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Our Mission

about-pettit-staffingOver 30 combined years of human resource and temporary industry experience. We serve the temporary and permanent hiring needs for customer service, clerical, administrative, technical and industrial sectors.

We strive to be the best temporary staffing service and become a long term staffing partner in our local community.

Pettit Staffing Services (PSS) specializes in the temporary staffing industry. We possess a firm desire to contribute to the local community. We understand the demand for a strong partner specializing in quality employees is imperative. PSS has a staffing model that will build on a foundation constructed with a rich knowledge of the industry along with the expertise to adapt to the alteration in our business community.   PSS matches specifically skilled and unskilled workers with clients, saving businesses time and money, while catering to its employees an opportunity to obtain gainful work. Employees need to feel appreciated and honored. This involves interviewing the right candidates to determine the proper employees for the right jobs. This implies recognizing the local market so PSS can effectively benefit each client and employee, not just ‘place a body in a seat’.

Our Business Culture

PSS represents a business culture that will learn about our client’s business. We will understand their goals and objectives. PSS will have a high need for efficiency and will respect the needs of the local concerns and the need for quality employees. Our fellowship will suffice as a gateway into the surrounding communities creating collaborative partnerships. We offer internships, apprenticeships, on-the-job training, and mentorship programs that differentiate ourselves from other temporary agencies.

Our Company Core Values

  1. Employees come first. Treat everyone with respect. Allow everyone to communicate their ideas and work together to flourish as a community.
  2. Go above and beyond for your employees and clients alike.   Come in an hour early, leave an hour late, do whatever it takes to serve others.
  3. Take pride in your job! Love what you do and focus on what matters- be the expert in your field to become a leader of your skills and talent.
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