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How you know you can count on Pettit Staffing Service
  • Our company is a positive change in the business community and helps to make the contingent work force a better place for both employers and employees. Excellent communication is the key.
  • We provide employees with a path by which to reach the employer without spending their own time, money and energy finding work. We respect our candidates.
  • We provide custom rapid staffing adjustments according to your company’s specific needs.
  • Our company is home to experienced recruiters for management of our Pettit associates for large volume partners.
  • We provide strong in-house accident prevention/safety training programs to reduce risk.
  • We believe in industry experience in minimizing turnover for maximum productivity for your staffing investment.
  • There are no hidden costs; agreed billing rate covers all employee costs.
  • We provide Workers Compensation consulting from a staffing firm with a high priority of having a low mod in the temporary industry.
  • We are diversity driven.
  • We provide high industry staffing ratios model with quality employees and a 24 hour notice.
  • We provide customized referral and retention programs to reduce your staffing costs.
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