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Employee Training Resources – Administered by your Pettit Staffing recruiter.  Easy set up with a link to your email.

  • IBM/Kenexa Prove It – Pettit Staffing utilizes one of the largest training software in all MS Office, Typing, Data Entry testing.
  • Microsoft office tests/tutorials, (MS Word, Excel, etc..)
  • Literacy assessments
  • Typing speed and accuracy tests
  • Numeracy assessments
  • Psychometric tests – Personality assessments

Typing Tutorial and/or Test:

Online typing test | RapidTyping

Excel Training/Tutorials:

Free Excel Tutorials at GCFGlobal

Outlook Email Training:

Microsoft Outlook Training – Free Tutorials | CustomGuide


Pettit Employee Handbook


I-9 Form
Employment Eligibility Verification | USCIS

I-9 Form – Spanish
Suplemento del Formulario I-9Sección 1 Certificación del Preparador y/o Traductor (

W4 Form
2021 Form W-4 (

W4 Form – Spanish
2021 Form W-4(SP) (

Direct Deposit Form
Direct Deposit Authorization Form

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